The Spectator Spectacle

An Interesting, Overbuilt Bag

One wonders exactly what Dooney & Bourke were thinking when they developed this particular handbag, with its extremely stout construction, the strong enveloping straps that support its already demonstrative stance. The 3 bigger sizes are all wonderful and it's GREAT to have choices, but the "mini" size seems to have come out of a dare to see how small they could make this! It is almost too small to get my hand in! It is cute as all get-out, but what can you really carry in this that makes any sense? Well, I DID find something that makes sense as you'll see in the final picture.

These bags have what are known as "fitted bottoms". The Spectators along with the Dovers and the Norfolk Cases and a certain line of drawstring bags all have the hand-fitted bottoms which counterfeiters have tried (and failed miserably) to copy. Those are among the easiest to detect from a distance as the fake versions are wrinkley and have tiny, dorky feet, if any. The Spectator's straps, on the two large versions, extend down to the bottom, apparently for added strength! If you need to carry gold bullion from one place to another, I recommend using this bag.

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The Spectator (Small & Large)

There are two "large" size Spectators, one that is about 10" x 10" and the other about 9" x 9". One of them is called Model R89 but since I haven't actually seen a catalog, I don't know which one that represents. The white one is the 10", the black in the next frame is the 9" version.

The Spectator (Mini & Medium)

The Medium Spectator is R76 with measurements of 8" x 8" and the Mini, R76 has measurements of 7"x 7". In the above pictures, the green (Fir) is the small and the taupe is the mini.

The Mini Spectator

Aha! This must be what the designers had in mind as a reason for this mini Spectator! It looks like 2 tall shot glasses can fit on either side as well.