ReFurbish, ReUse, ReLove

Wash, Detail, Repair

Every bag we sell gets fully cleaned and restored to the best of our ability. Ink stains tend to be permanent, but are often improved and faded in our process. Oh, and we ship for FREE!

Real Truth

I am a Handbagaholic, especially Dooneys. I love to look at them, admire them, use them. Refurbishing them gives me a chance to do all these things and pass them along to new homes in the best possible condition. Buying a ReFurbished bag helps the environment too.

Returns? Of course!

If the bag you buy does not turn out to be what you hoped for, return it within 14 days (you pay return postage) in the same condition and get a full refund. We want you to be happy! Shopping online has risks for us but NOT for you!

Other Resellers

Paula over at has sold over 1000 D&B handbags in the last 10 years and her website is a wonderful resource for us all. She displays a record of what she has sold in an effort to educate and inspire D&B fans and get the fakes off the market.

Selling Your Old Dooney?

Yes, we buy them too! Contact us by phone or email and we"ll talk. In the meantime check out what we have available and see if something else tickles your fancy!


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